How online education can help you to become a network security specialist

posted on Monday, Sep 10 2012

In today’s high-tech society, it has never been more important for individuals, companies and even governments to protect the information stored on computer networks. Individuals who want to capitalize on this need for data security can enroll in online bachelors degree programs in information and network security.

The exact names of these courses may change from one online college to another. Some schools may refer to them as information assurance, security administration, computer security management or information systems security, among others. The content of these courses will probably be similar, and focus on teaching students the skills they need to identify, isolate and contain threats to the integrity of a computer system.

Attacks by groups such as LulzSec and Anonymous have received significant media coverage during the past year, and their high-profile assaults on various government and private companies’ network infrastructures have highlighted the need for skilled information security professionals.

In addition to providing students with a basic proficiency in system administration, they will need to assume responsibility for large computer networks. Students enrolled in these online bachelors degree programs will be taught the principles of data backup and storage to protect vital and sensitive information.

Other subjects covered by this kind of program include disaster recovery, the process of retrieving data following a breach in network security, the encryption of important data and network access passwords and the effective management of user accounts and security permissions.

Students may also study the basics of web development to identify the weaknesses in internet browsers, and to learn how vulnerabilities in third-party software can be exploited to manipulate computer systems. Some online colleges may teach computer programming classes, as viruses, backdoors and other threats often use complex code to target weaknesses in computer networks.

Many online colleges offer this kind of bachelor’s degree program, meaning that individuals who are interested in pursuing a qualification in this field have plenty of options. To succeed as an information security professional, students should be methodical, analytical and have a keen interest in computer hardware and software. Although most online colleges will not require formal computer training as a prerequisite for enrollment in this kind of online bachelors degree, students may find such skills or previous experience beneficial during the course of their studies.

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