Online bachelors degrees in IT can be the first step toward becoming an Oracle DBA

posted on Wednesday, Jun 27 2012

The information technology (IT) sector is one of the fastest-growing industries in North America. Individuals who want to pursue an exciting new career in IT, an online bachelors degree could be the first step in becoming an Oracle database administrator (DBA).

Orcale DBAs are some of the most highly paid of all IT workers. Responsible for the maintenance of information contained within complex databases, individuals who want to become DBAs should be prepared to work hard. Mastery of several core computer software skills is required to succeed in IT, and competition is fierce. However, with ambition and determination, students enrolled in online colleges can begin their journey toward this challenging, rewarding career path.

Databases are repositories of information used by computer networks and software applications. For example, corporate accounts departments may use computer programs to manage an organization’s financial information, and this software may make use of a database in order to access and retrieve things like customer account details or transaction histories. Databases are one of the most fundamental principles of modern computing, and individuals enrolling in online colleges may be excited to learn that these repositories of information can be designed for almost any purpose.

Tasks performed by DBAs may include installation of database software, allocating sufficient space for an information repository, working with software designers and developers, enrolling users and maintaining information security and maintaining archived data on backup systems, to name a few.

An online bachelors degree in IT is a great place to start. These programs prepare students for further study in the realm of personal computing, and introduce individuals to concepts such as databases. Although students graduating from online bachelors degree programs in IT will likely require additional qualifications to become Oracle DBAs, it could be a step in the right direction.

Upon completion of their undergraduate qualification, aspiring DBAs can enroll in an online masters degree program in subjects such as database administration, information systems or software development to further improve their skills. Alternatively, if they feel confident, students graduating from online colleges can contact Oracle directly to gain certification in database administration.

Database administration is a demanding and rewarding career path for individuals with an interest in IT. Many of the world’s top technology companies require skilled, qualified professionals to develop new and exciting products and services. Enrolling in an online bachelors degree program in IT could be the beginning of an intellectually stimulating professional journey.

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