Online bachelors degrees can help you become a computer engineer

posted on Monday, May 14 2012

Students considering enrolling in online bachelors degrees may want to pursue careers within the technology sector, but might not know where to begin. Ambitious students who want a new career in an exciting and challenging field can earn their online bachelors degree and become computer engineers.

Sometimes confused with network engineers, this technology career specializes in the design of computer chips and circuits. Computer engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields in the technology sector, and many experts predict increasing demand for skilled professionals in this field in the coming years. This exciting career path blends aspects of computer programming, software design, hardware manufacturing and electrical engineering.

This subject is a highly technical major. Students enrolling in degree programs at online colleges in this subject should be computer literate, and be willing to learn about the intricacies of electrical circuitry. Computer engineers also write software programs for microprocessors, so many online bachelors degree programs in this major will include an element of programming.

In addition to the technical nature of the material, students enrolled in online bachelors degrees in computer engineering should be comfortable working with math, especially calculus. Much of the research and development that goes into this rapidly changing field revolves around mathematical concepts, and students may find an advanced understanding of these principles beneficial.

Students with an interest in electronics and circuits may find this major to be especially interesting. Within computing, the concept of Moore’s law states that computer processing power doubles every 18 months, so individuals graduating from online bachelors degree programs in computer engineering can be sure that working in this industry will be a fast-moving and challenging career path.

Many individuals choose to enroll in an online masters degree program following the completion of their undergraduate qualification due to the complexity of the subject matter and the constantly evolving nature of the field. Many online colleges will offer students the chance to specialize their studies in a niche area through electives to correspond to individual career goals.

Graduates of online bachelors degrees in computer engineering can go on to work in a wide range of industries. Fields such as medical imaging and research, meteorology, alternative energy, internet engineering, consumer mobile and wireless technology, law enforcement and telecommunications all make extensive use of computer engineers, meaning that graduates of these programs may experience a favorable employment climate upon completion of their studies.

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