Earning a technology degree at an online college

posted on Wednesday, Feb 22 2012

The prevalence of technology today is hard to ignore. With smartphones, tablet computers and social networking websites more popular than ever before, it is little wonder that bright, ambitious people are flocking to careers in the technology sector. With so many emerging fields and established career paths to choose from, enrolling at an online college can help you make your dreams of working in the technology sector a reality.

If you prefer to delve under the hood and troubleshoot computer problems yourself, perhaps an online associates degree in PC networking and repair would be a good fit. Students of these online certificate programs learn how to disassemble and repair the sensitive electrical components that make up modern computer systems. Many online colleges offering these degrees and certificates are accredited by major hardware and software companies such as Dell, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, meaning that you could be learning from industry professionals.

Many online colleges offer web development and design degrees, perfect for aspiring web wizards. Students enrolled in online bachelors degree programs in web development learn how to read and write in HTML code, the language of the internet. Many online colleges also teach students the fundamentals of design in order for graduates of these programs to gain an understanding of both the technical and aesthetic aspects of creating websites.

For individuals who want to really understand how computers work, an online bachelors degree in computer science may be ideal. Computer scientists solve problems involving data, computer architecture and how to apply the power of computers to a variety of industries. Students enrolled in these programs will learn how to program in a language such as Java or C++, and can work in a range of exciting industries including research, meteorology, engineering and more.

Many organizations rely on skilled professionals known as network administrators to keep their networks operational. Sometimes known as system administrators, these professionals control all aspects of an organization’s information technology operations, from assigning passwords and creating email accounts to protecting the network from outside attacks. Individuals who want to become system administrators can enroll in an online bachelors degree program at an online college to begin their exciting new career.

Security specialists are also in high demand in today’s information age. An online bachelors degree in computer security can be a valuable asset as organizations seek to protect themselves from hackers and other electronic attacks. 

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