Online college announces additional student benefits for military service personnel

posted on Monday, Oct 31 2011

Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global), a leading online college in Colorado and the first entirely online public university in the U.S., recently announced its student success program enhancements for active military personnel and their dependents, according to the Digital Journal.

The initiatives aim to make it easier for servicemen and women to enroll in online bachelor degree programs and online masters degree programs by providing up to $250,000 in masters degree scholarships. CSU-Global will also maintain its current rate of tuition of $250 per credit hour for active military personnel and their families.

"As a public university that represents affordable and high quality education, CSU-Global’s 100 percent online degree programs will provide active military [personnel], veterans and their dependents with the flexibility needed to complete their degrees cost effectively and from any location with internet access," Becky Takeda-Tinker, president of the online college, told the news source.

Thanks to initiatives such as the one pioneered by CSU-Global, an increasing number of students are turning to online education to advance their careers and enhance their employment prospects. According to data from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the number of students enrolling in online certificate programs and online bachelor degree programs increased by more than 600,000 from 1999 to 2010.

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