Athletes catch a break with online education

posted on Wednesday, Dec 07 2011

Through a new partnership with DeVry University, the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) plans to offer athletes who cannot attend traditional universities the opportunity to pursue their education through online learning, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Five Olympic athletes-in-training have already signed up for online certificate programs, online bachelor degree programs and online masters degree programs offered by the leading online college, including two pentathletes, a wrestler, a weightlifter and a marksman.

DeVry will subsidize the education of athletes training to compete at Olympic and Paralympic levels, although details of the specific arrangements have yet to be decided upon.

“[Lack of access to education for athletes-in-training] has been a huge problem,” Scott Blackmun, chief executive officer of the USOC, told the newspaper. “This is going to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many athletes.”

Many students are taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility of online learning. According to recent data from the Sloan Cosortium, a nonprofit group of education providers and advocates of distance learning, more than 6.1 million students were enrolled in online certificate programs and online bachelor degree programs in September, an increase of more than 560,000 from 2010.

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