Online Christian college in Minneapolis announces open of enrollment for online programs

posted on Wednesday, Jan 25 2012

Officials at North Central Theological Seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota, recently announced that enrollment for its online bachelors degree programs and online masters degree programs has begun. In addition, the online Christian college has launched a scholarship initiative to enable more students to pursue a spiritual education online.

The scholarships are funded by the Invincible Angels network, and any student who wishes to earn their online bachelors degree program at the seminary is encouraged to apply. In addition to helping students pay for their tuition, North Central Theological Seminary also offer students job placement advice, which could be a valuable opportunity for those wishing to serve in church positions.

For individuals who are not sure of the path they want to take, the seminary also offers a variety of online certificate programs in subject areas including counseling, ministry, mentoring development and even entrepreneurship for students who want to launch their own ventures.

Such programs are becoming increasingly common thanks to the advent of internet technology in higher education for religious institutions and secular colleges. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, enrollment in online certificate programs and online bachelor degree programs increased by 600,000 between 1999 and 2010.

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