Seminary school announces new online master’s of theological studies program

posted on Monday, Feb 13 2012

Individuals that wish to start new church locations, do ministry work or go on evangelical missions in other countries may want to look into earning a master’s degree in theology. Receiving this training can help them become better leaders and understand the dynamics of starting a religious organization.

The Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University is launching a new online degree in theology for individuals of the Christian faith. This is a master’s program and students will focus on ministry and culture.

The master’s of theological studies (MTS) will be concentrated on teaching church leaders about topics including building community, spiritual formation, theology in context and worship.

Throughout the program individuals will be taught by knowledgeable leaders in each of the areas as they learn how to cultivate church communities.

The curriculum was created by Wynand de Kock, a South African native, who has piloted the program in Australia and South Africa. Individuals who wish to enroll in the program must have previous ministry leadership experience and an undergraduate degree. Coursework is scheduled to begin in January 2012.

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