University to offer its first online degrees

posted on Tuesday, Mar 08 2011

In the fall of 2011, students enrolled in Valdosta State University in Georgia will have the ability to earn several new degrees through online learning, The Spectator reported.

More than 1,100 students took the university's classes online last semester, Jon Sizemore, assistant director of Public Services for Distance Learning, told the news source. In addition, approximately 17 percent of enrollees took at least one course over the internet.

Sizemore added that for most subjects, "the outcomes in online courses are comparable to those students in campus courses."

For the first time in Valdosta's history, the university will offer complete online degrees in criminal justice, legal assistant studies as well as office administration and technology. Other programs are set to follow, according to school officials.

Gerald Merwin, associate professor of political science, told the news outlet that the online programs are designed to provide convenient learning options to students for whom commuting to-and-fro campus can provide a challenge.

Valdosta's online courses are provided through the electronic core curriculum for the University System of Georgia, or eCore. Current undergraduate classes are available in a number of study areas, including English, history and psychology, according to the institution's official website.

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