Online Colleges in Tennessee Prepare Students for a Knowledge-Based Economy

posted on Monday, Mar 26 2012

Tennessee has one of the most comprehensive higher education networks in the nation, connecting students with colleges and universities that deliver superior education and position them for exceptional job opportunities after graduation. Many online colleges in Tennessee are adding to the robust offering of educational resources in the state’s higher education market, giving adult learners an alternative to traditional learning models.

A Shifting Workforce

Signs throughout the nation, including Tennessee, show an economic rebound as job numbers begin to improve and local economies report positive growth. Disenfranchised workers, including unemployed or underemployed individuals, are returning to the job market with the hope of securing new employment opportunities. However, they may be shut out of these new job openings if they do not have a college education. National projections have identified a trend toward a knowledge-based economy that requires highly trained and educated workers. In fact, the Tennessee Department of Commerce reports college-educated workers will be in high demand, with more than half of all jobs requiring postsecondary training by 2018. This shift in the educational requirements of Tennessee’s workforce is causing more professionals to seek out a college education to qualify for new, higher-paying jobs. Online colleges in Tennessee put a college education within reach.

The Benefits of Online Education

Nontraditional students often make great sacrifices to enroll in a college or university degree program. Classes often compete with their work schedule, commutes are long and stressful, and students often feel lost among the crowd in large classroom settings. Online education eliminates these setbacks and delivers quality degree programs to students’ computers at home, at work or wherever they have an Internet connection. Online students control their academic schedule and can tailor it to fit into their daily routine. Commutes are eliminated, and students can interact with instructors via group discussion forums for a more dynamic learning experience.

Online colleges in Tennessee can help prepare a new generation of employees to enter into a knowledge-based economy and succeed.

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