Online degree prepares students for careers in counseling

posted on Wednesday, Jan 18 2012

A new online bachelors degree program offered by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) will teach students the skills they need to pursue challenging, rewarding careers in mental health counseling.

The online bachelors degree in psychology with a concentration in mental health will cover subject areas including cognition and emotion, nuances of human behavior, motivation and personality types. In addition to completing their classes exclusively online, students will participate in internships at a variety of regional healthcare providers to gain valuable, hands-on practical experience.

“[The online bachelors degree program is] designed to bridge the gap between theory and intervention associated with community mental health,” Peter Frost, a professor and chair of SNHU’s Department of Psychology, said in a statement. “Students learn principles about therapy and assessment and then apply their knowledge through field experiences.”

A recent study by researchers at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., suggests that students of healthcare degree programs face considerably better postgraduate employment opportunities than other majors. Healthcare and education degrees in particular had optimistic employment prospects with graduate unemployment in these fields several percentage points lower than arts and social sciences majors, according to the report.

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