Louisiana university to launch first online degree program

posted on Monday, Sep 26 2011

The University of Louisiana Lafayette (ULL) plans to launch its first online degree program next semester, according to The Advocate.

The move will align ULL with other online colleges in Louisiana, providing students with a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to earn their qualifications online. The program, an online bachelor of science degree in kinesiology with a focus on wellness and health promotion, will be the first of many qualifications that the university plans to deliver online, according to university officials.

"It’s really about creating access," Luke Dowden, director of ULL’s office of distance and electronic learning, told the newspaper. "It allows us to be more responsive to the workforce development needs. We have some niche programs we can deliver that we think can be responsive to the region and state’s needs."

Dowden added that ULL plans to offer online certificate programs to students in the future, in addition to online master‘s degree programs.

Today, increasing numbers of students and professionals are choosing to advance their careers and employment prospects with online education. According to data from the Legislative Analyst’s Office, the number of students taking online courses between 1999 and 2010 rose by 600,000, equivalent to annual growth of 19 percent. 

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