Ashford University launches online healthcare degrees

posted on Thursday, Aug 04 2011

Ashford University, an Iowa-based institution of higher learning, recently announced several new programs that allow students to earn healthcare-related degrees online.

Options offered by Ashford’s new online programs include bachelor of the arts degrees in complementary and alternative health, healh and wellness, health informatics and gerontology.

"Americans are living longer and rather than thinking about putting them into the equivalent of assisted living warehouses, we need to create a workforce that is attuned to the new positive aging movement," said Alice Vestergaard, the executive dean of Ashford’s College of Health, Human Services and Science. "Envision skilled caregivers who can meet future human needs for aging in place, such as an existing residence, rather than in an institution. This is essential if the system is to deal with the millions of baby boomers who will soon suffer from Alzheimer’s disease."

Vestergaard added that the university’s new online programs address a diverse array of healthcare-related topics, including the development of electronic medical records, treatment of people in old age, preventative healthcare and nontraditional medicine.

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