Online bachelors degrees can help you become an LPN

posted on Tuesday, May 15 2012

Many individuals who want to work in the healthcare industry wish to help people. The hands-on, patient-centric nature of nursing can be an attractive career path for some students, but which degree programs can help them realize this goal? Online bachelors degrees in nursing can be the first step toward becoming a licensed practice nurse (LPN).

LPNs spend a lot of time with patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities. This kind of nursing professional will typically report to a registered nurse (RN) or a physician. LPNS are responsible for a variety of tasks in hospital environments. They usually record patients’ height, weight and other vital health information, prepare injections and assist RNs in administering intravenous (IV) drips, and oversee patient meal regimens, among other duties.

LPNs are a vital part of hospital operations. Individuals who want to enroll in online bachelors degree programs to become an LPN should have a strong desire to help people. Nursing can be a demanding job, so students who want to enter this profession should expect to work hard, and should be aware of the potential for long hours.

Although many graduates of online colleges who go on to become LPNs work in hospitals, some nursing professionals opt to work in specialized facilities or areas of the healthcare industry. Some LPNs work with primary care physicians in larger medical centers, and others help care for the elderly or terminally ill patients in nursing or convalescent homes. Additional training may be required beyond an online bachelors degree if individuals wish to pursue nursing careers in these specialized environments.

Earning an online bachelors degree in nursing is often the first step in becoming an LPN. Once they have some practical work experience, many LPNs choose to specialize their knowledge and obtain certification in areas of healthcare including gerontology, pharmacology, long-term care and IV therapy. LPNs can progress to become charge nurses, who are responsible for overseeing inexperienced LPNs or nursing assistants.

Individuals studying in nursing programs at online colleges can also enroll in bridging programs to enable them to become RNs. Demand for nursing professionals is high due to an aging population and advances in medical science, meaning that graduates of online bachelors degree programs in nursing may experience favorable employment prospects upon completion of their studies.

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