Missouri college to offer hybrid pharmacy technician course

posted on Saturday, Jan 14 2012

To provide educational offerings that will benefit both students and the workforce of the state, officials at Missouri’s Crowder College’s Cassville campus recently announced the launch of a new pharmacy technician qualification, reports the Cassville Democrat.

The course will be delivered through a hybrid attendance model, meaning that the course will consist partially of an online certificate program. Students will learn about prescription medications, intravenous medicines and basic pharmaceutical management. Math and basic customer service will also form an important part of the qualification due to the nature of the work.

“This is a hybrid class. Part of the class will be offered online, and we will meet once a week, so that students can practice their skills,” Jana Kidd, an allied health instructor at the college, told the newspaper. “They will also be required to complete an internship during the last eight weeks of class.”

In addition to leveraging the convenience of online education, students enrolled in online certificate programs utilizing hybrid attendance models may also benefit academically. Data from the Department of Education suggests that students enrolled in hybrid education programs tended to achieve higher academic results than those attending purely classroom-based programs.


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