Online degree program aims to attract innovators

posted on Tuesday, May 31 2011

A recent study conducted by IBM reveals that major corporations throughout the world are placing more emphasis on creativity and innovation.

This trend has prompted Drexel University Online, a distance learning college, to launch a new master of science in creativity and innovation. The online degree has been added to the list of graduate programs that are offered by the college's school of technology and professional studies.

According to Drexel officials, the online courses are designed to help students recognize problematic situations that can arise in a variety of professional industries, such as education, military or corporate. The classes will be tailored to help individuals respond to these issues with innovative solutions.

The online lessons will be based on the research and writings that take place in the college's Drexel/Torrance Center for Creativity and Innovation, which is directed by Fredricka Reisman.

"Through the process of creative thought, the center's work enhances an individual's ability to imagine new ideas by learning to envision that which cannot immediately be seen," said Reisman.

Drexel is currently accepting applications for enrollment into the new online degree program, which will start in the fall. 

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