Iowa university to offer online physical education degree

posted on Friday, Dec 09 2011

Officials at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) recently announced that applications are now being accepted for a new online masters degree in physical education, according to the university’s student newspaper, The Northern Iowan.

Aimed primarily at education professionals who wish to advance their knowledge and teaching techniques, the online masters degree program will take two years to complete, consisting of two eight-week classes per semester, including summer terms.

“Our students are generally in the field, so they can apply the material they learn,” Fabio Fontana, an assistant professor for health, physical education and leisure services at UNI, told the news source. “We also have a mixture of classes that are more applied and others that are more theoretical. I do not need to be in the gym to explain how an anti-fat bias can become a barrier between a teacher and obese students.”

An increasing number of educational institutions are choosing to deliver their programs through the internet. According to the 2011 Sloan Survey of Online Learning, more than 65 percent of academic leaders polled stated that online bachelor degree programs and online masters degree programs were crucial to the long-term goals of their institutions.

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