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posted on Friday, May 11 2012

In today’s international economy, America needs science teachers like never before. President Barack Obama has made the recruitment of 10,000 science, technology, engineering and math - or STEM - teachers in the next two years a priority, and the Department of Education wants to hire 100,000 new science educators within the next 10 years. What does being a science teacher involve, and how can online education help you move into this rewarding career?

Science teachers are responsible for creating lesson plans and teaching schoolchildren. Some people who pursue online bachelors degrees in education choose to work as generalist science educators, meaning they teach a little of everything, whereas others specialize in specific topics.

For example, graduates of online bachelors degrees in education may decide that they want to teach chemistry. After completing their undergraduate qualification, they could either enroll in an online masters degree program or seek state teaching licensure.

Chemistry specialists teach students about the relationships between proteins and other chemicals at the cellular level. Chemistry classes also provide students with knowledge about the molecular properties of different objects, and the nature of different physical states such as liquids, gases and solids.

Another subject taught by science teachers is physics. Physics is the study of matter and the laws of the universe. Teachers specializing in this topic teach students about things such as the laws of energy, motion and movement, electricity and magnetism, to name a few. Depending on the grade in which teachers work, more complex topics such as thermodynamics may be covered in later grades.

Biology is the third major discipline taught in science classes. Biology is the study of how living organisms work, and the complexities of their physical forms. One of the broadest science subjects, biology teachers cover everything from the cellular composition of flowers and plants to the muscular systems of animals and human beings.

Graduates of online bachelors degrees in education who wish to become science teachers may want to select science education as a minor during their studies. This demonstrates to state licensing authorities and schools that individuals who want to become science teachers are enthusiastic and committed to teaching science. Some online colleges offer specialist degree programs in science education, and enrolling in one of these programs could be the first step toward an intellectually stimulating, rewarding career.

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