University of New England to develop online education delivery through partnership

posted on Tuesday, Nov 01 2011

The University of New England (UNE) has announced a new partnership with Pearson to develop and extend the range of its online education offers, according to the Armidale Express.

Through the partnership with the Australian education company, UNE stands to position itself as the leading distance learning provider in Australia, and will deliver a range of online certificate programs, online bachelor degree programs and online masters degrees to Australian students.

"Our site is unique in that distance education and online learning are 80 per cent of our business and have been for a long time," Richard Torbay, chancellor of UNE, told the newspaper. "Through the partnership with Pearson we can grow UNE’s proven excellence in delivering distance education. We will have greater numbers of external students, and that will create more academic and other staff positions in the long-term."

As well as creating more opportunity for foreign students to study with UNE, the initiative is expected to raise significant revenues for the educational establishment. According to recent data from the Sloan Consortium, 63 percent of educational establishments polled stated that online learning was a crucial part of their long-term growth strategies. 

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