Service-Oriented Careers Are the Ultimate Way to Give Back

posted on Monday, Nov 07 2011

Helping others is a calling people often have at a young age. They are instinctively drawn to aid those in need. Children like this might play teacher on the playground or bandage a bird’s wounded wing. However, some people discover a passion for serving others later in life—sometimes after a traumatic incident or sometimes after a positive experience with someone in a service-oriented field. No matter the timing of the pivotal moment that set you on your journey toward service, such a noble career path is the ultimate way to give back to your community.

Service-oriented fields vary in scope; however, they all have a common theme: to better the lives of those around you. Online courses are an ideal means for individuals who choose to enter a service-oriented career later in life, perhaps after already earning a college degree or after many years in the workforce.

Service-Oriented Careers in Your Community

  • Social worker: Social workers serve to improve the lives of others by providing resources and other assistance to help individuals overcome issues and problems that hinder their lives. Social workers may work with the homeless, elderly, youth, women or other demographics in need. 
  • Nurse: Nurses, or RNs, assist in the care of hurt or sick people. Nurses may work in a hospital, private practice or other specialized health facility such as a nursing home. Some nurses make home visits to care for the sick. Nurses also help promote healthy lifestyles through community outreach programs and visits to area schools.
  • Teacher: Teachers work to develop and form the minds of children starting at a very young age. Teachers serve an important role in the community as they help shape the next generation of leaders through education.
  • Nonprofit: The nonprofit sector is broad in scope; however, the mission of most nonprofit organizations is relatively the same: to serve the community in some capacity. A variety of career options exist in the nonprofit sector, including: general operations management, finance, marketing, fundraising/development or program management.

Individuals employed in a service-oriented field make a huge impact on the community in which they work. A variety of online degree programs exist so you can begin a career in a service-oriented field and start giving back.


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