What can you study in online bachelors degrees in criminal justice?

posted on Wednesday, Jun 27 2012

For many people, becoming a law enforcement professional is a noble calling. However, as custodians of society, police officers and other crime-fighting officials must be skilled, qualified individuals. To begin their journey toward protecting and serving their communities, students can enroll in online bachelors degree programs in criminal justice. What can aspiring law enforcement officials expect to learn in these qualifications?

In addition to general education classes common to many online bachelors degrees, students enrolled in undergraduate qualifications in criminal justice will be exposed to a range of classes focusing on crime and society. Students taking these courses may have the opportunity to learn more about the principles of criminal justice, including an overview of the courts and correctional system.

After students have become familiarized with the criminal justice system, they may learn about the specific functions, responsibilities and expectations of the police force. These classes often involve a history of policing, and an examination of how technology and changing attitudes toward law enforcement have impacted the effectiveness of the police in 21st century America. Many online colleges offering this kind of qualification require students to have a solid grasp on the integral nature of the police in the wider criminal justice system as a requirement of their online bachelors degree programs.

Online colleges offering undergraduate criminal justice degrees may provide students with the opportunity to study the correctional system in detail. These classes often incorporate elements from humanities majors such as social and political science. The psychological effects of incarceration are sometimes examined in these classes, and individuals studying as part of online bachelors degree programs in criminal justice should have a thorough understanding of the correctional system’s role in civilized society.

Students enrolled in these online bachelors degree programs may be presented with a series of electives that can help tailor an individuals’ education toward specific career goals. Classes that some online colleges may offer on an optional basis include an analysis of the influence of narcotics on criminal behavior; the basics of crime scene investigation; an overview of criminal forensics and its impact on modern judicial proceedings; and administration in the correctional system, to name a few.

Graduates of online bachelors degree programs in criminal justice can progress to graduate-level qualifications, in addition to exciting, rewarding careers as police and correctional officers, federal agents and private investigators. 

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