Metropolitan State University announces criminal justice master’s degree program

posted on Tuesday, Aug 02 2011

Metropolitan State University, an institution of higher learning in St. Paul, Minnesota, recently announced the launch of a hybrid online/in-person program that allows students to earn a master of science in criminal justice degree.

The program, which will begin on August 23, was designed to provide students with the skills they need to find a job and navigate complex issues in the growing criminal justice field.

"The criminal justice system, like many government entities, is increasingly challenged to do more with less," said Ginny Lane, the dean of Metropolitan State University's School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. "That means leaders and managers must be more skilled in human and fiscal resource management, applied research and problem-solving, and program policy development and evaluation."

Lane added that the combination of online and on-campus learning provides students with greater opportunities to develop leadership in this field, as it offers them the chance to work with people in diverse parts of the criminal justice system.

To enroll in the new master's degree program, students must have at least two years of work experience in the criminal justice field.

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