Enroll in an online college to become a fish and game warden

posted on Wednesday, May 09 2012

Individuals who want to combine their love of the great outdoors and law enforcement should consider enrolling in an online bachelors degree program in criminal justice. These qualifications can help students pursue careers as fish and game wardens.

These professionals are instrumental in protecting both wildlife and national parks across the country. Fish and game wardens uphold the law in all environmental conditions year-round. Depending on where graduates of online bachelors degree programs choose to pursue employment, they may work in mountain ranges, deserts, rivers or marine offshore areas. These law enforcement professionals work for state wildlife and fisheries agencies to protect natural resources and uphold laws relating to the environment.

Although primarily concerned with wildlife and conservation, fish and game wardens are still law enforcement officials. This means that graduates of online bachelors degree programs in criminal justice should still expect to wear a uniform, carry a sidearm and conduct themselves in a manner befitting an officer of the law.

Fish and game officials are the first line of defense in upholding state fishing and hunting laws. Individuals who enroll at online colleges to pursue a criminal justice degree should be aware of the responsibilities of fish and game wardens, including the seizure of illegal hunting equipment, making arrests relating to illegal hunting and patrolling fishing waters. Fish and game wardens also coordinate with local and state law enforcement professionals when wild animals such as big cats wander into populated areas.

As law enforcement officers, fish and game wardens are responsible not only for prevention of crimes, but are also a vital part of the judicial system. These professionals often gather evidence from the scenes of crimes, in addition to filing detailed reports with other law enforcement agencies. Fish and game wardens can also provide testimony relating to criminal cases in court.

Individuals who wish to pursue online bachelors degree programs in criminal justice should have a strong sense of responsibility and moral integrity. In the case of fish and game wardens, an interest in and desire to protect the environment and wildlife can also be beneficial. In addition to an online bachelors degree, individuals who wish to become fish and game wardens will also require a state-issued license, and may need additional training in the use of firearms and specialized vehicle operation, such as watercraft and horseback riding.

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