What you can learn from an online bachelors degrees in business

posted on Wednesday, Jun 27 2012

Although perhaps not as widely renowned as their graduate counterparts, undergraduate business qualifications can open doors to new career paths. Many adult and nontraditional students enroll in online colleges to pursue these qualifications, but what can students learn in online bachelors degrees in business?

Many undergraduate business qualifications will consist of a more generalized curriculum, especially during the freshman and junior years. Students enrolling in online bachelors degrees in business can expect to cover subjects such as communications, public speaking, expository writing and calculus. Some online colleges may offer electives in topics such as journalism, world history, the environment and many more.

However, in addition to these general courses, students may also cover material on economics, business analytics, micro computer applications and research skills. Many online colleges offer students enrolled in undergraduate business qualifications to opt for a professional development module. These courses can be diverse in scope, and can often be tailored to suit individual career or academic goals.

Many online bachelors degrees in business will offer students the opportunity to specialize their education during their sophomore year. Individuals enrolled in these programs can choose to focus their classes in concentrations relevant to their desired careers, such as finance, accounting or management.

For individuals who plan on enrolling in a graduate-level course upon completion of their online bachelors degree, many online colleges and business schools will accept graduates of almost any major for their master of business administration (MBA) programs. The application process for this specialized business qualification is highly individualized, and prior education is a lesser factor in the admissions process.

However, most students graduating from online bachelors degree programs in business do not choose to pursue a graduate-level qualification. Many individuals who earn their undergraduate degree in business progress to careers as human resources professionals, marketing researchers, public relations representatives, analysts and other positions within the financial services industry. Business degrees prepare students for a wide range of possible career paths, making online bachelors degrees in this field a particularly diverse qualification.

Individuals considering enrolling in an undergraduate degree program in business at an online college should be driven, methodical and logical. Good communication skills can be an asset to business majors, as is an interest in analytical information and economics. With many online colleges offering this type of undergraduate degree, aspiring executives and business leaders have many options to choose from in where, when and how they study.

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