The Online Bachelors Degree in Business is Your Ticket to a Fast-Paced Career

posted on Thursday, Mar 29 2012

Ready for life in the fast lane? An online Bachelors Degree in Business is your ticket to a fast-paced career in a variety of cutting edge industries. The business degree is among the most versatile and ideal for individuals seeking out a career in an increasingly diverse job market. Interested in a complex, energetic and unpredictable work environment? Take a look at these potential careers for graduates with a business degree.

Advertising Executive: Think you could be the next Don Draper? Advertising agencies move at lightening speeds and are on the lookout for that next great ad campaign or tag line to catch on and help accelerate the sales of a product. Individuals with a sharp mind and creativity to spare will excel in the ad world.
Marketing Specialist: Building a company or product’s brand and positioning it to sell in markets across the country are part of the job responsibilities of marketing specialists. Career growth is expected to be strong in this industry as the economy rebounds and companies look to make up for lost ground after the economic slump.
Department Manager: Today’s economy is increasingly becoming knowledge-based causing a shift in the workforce. Companies are searching for college-educated, qualified employees to take on leadership roles. Managers need to be business savvy, strategic thinkers who are able to organize team members for increased productivity and efficiency.
Entrepreneur: Take control of your career by becoming your own boss! Owning and operating your own business is the greatest challenge yet can lead to immense rewards. While a business degree isn’t a requirement to go into business for yourself, it serves to provide a solid educational foundation in the core business competencies necessary to operate a business successfully. 

An online Bachelors Degree in Business positions you for a variety of challenging yet rewarding career opportunities in a fast-paced job market.

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