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posted on Wednesday, Mar 28 2012

Local economies are back on track across the country as the nation steadily recovers from a devastating recession. Job markets are loosening up, and employers are ready to hire qualified professionals to help maximize operation efficiency and effectiveness. Many local economies report a shift toward a knowledge-based workforce coming out of this recession, meaning more and more businesses seek professionals who have a college education to fill vacant and new positions. Earning a college degree will give you the edge in a competitive job market and qualify you for a new career.

Employers are increasingly looking for well-rounded candidates who have a solid foundation of skills, aptitudes and knowledge to join the workforce. Adult learners considering jumping back into the job market to pursue new careers or advance in their current positions can earn an online business degree to build a solid foundation of skills, aptitudes and knowledge for career growth.

A Diverse, Valuable Degree

A business degree is one of the most popular among students seeking a degree that will give them versatility in a diverse job market. Curriculum is often structured around core business competencies that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of areas including:

• Accounting
• Finance
• Economics
• Human resources
• Marketing
• Management
• Information technology
• And more!

Students are prepared to work in any business environment and can often enter the workforce in management-level positions.

The online business degree is also a sound investment in your future, as studies have shown a direct correlation between professionals’ level of education and unemployment. With more job opportunities being open to college graduates, earning a college education is a smart decision for professionals seeking job security and professional growth. The online learning environment provides an accessible and convenient way to earn your degree at an accelerated pace, putting you in the job market sooner.

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