Careers in human resources for graduates of online business degrees

posted on Wednesday, Feb 22 2012

Online education is more popular than ever before. With competition for jobs heating up, many individuals are choosing to earn their online bachelors degree in business administration to give themselves an edge. One career that graduates of these programs can enroll in is human resources, or HR.

HR professionals are instrumental in many organizations. Today’s HR managers are involved in several aspects of a company’s operations, from hiring and training new personnel to liaising with senior management. HR professionals are uniquely positioned in many firms to interact with several different departments, making them highly valuable individuals.

Often dealing with a significant number of tasks simultaneously, individuals who want to become HR managers should be organized, methodical and dedicated. However, given the speed at which organizations must adapt to ongoing business changes, HR professionals also need to be highly adaptable and resourceful. In today’s challenging economy, HR managers are often tasked with making effective use of limited resources.

Aspiring HR managers should also possess the ability to envision greater goals. Senior management often rely on HR professionals to provide them with insight into how they can manage their workforce effectively, especially in times of tentative growth. HR professionals need to be able to see the big picture and visualize how best to make use of available capital.

Many online colleges offer online bachelors degrees in business, which can be an excellent foundation for aspiring HR professionals. Given the generalized nature of these programs, students enrolled in these online bachelors degrees can learn about the various aspects of modern business they may encounter in their new careers. Some students choose to further specialize their business education by enrolling in online masters degrees, but many individuals enter the workforce after earning their degree.

Individuals working in HR also frequently liaise with members of departments such as accounting, meaning that the skills students gain during their online bachelors degree program in financial management and bookkeeping can be valuable in corporate environments.

HR professionals can be a vital asset to an organization. Students who want to pursue careers in this challenging, rewarding position can enroll in online bachelors degrees in business without sacrificing existing work or family commitments. This can be one way for ambitious individuals to position themselves for a new career as the economy recovers. Online bachelors degree programs are flexible and convenient, and allow you to study at a time and place that works for you. 

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