A career in marketing could be an ideal fit for online business degree graduates

posted on Wednesday, May 02 2012

With so many career paths, it is little surprise that many ambitious individuals are choosing to enroll in online bachelors degree programs in business. One employment track that has seen significant growth in recent years is marketing. What do marketing professionals do, and how is a degree in business a valuable asset in this profession?

Marketing is the process of identifying, satisfying and retaining customers for businesses. Professionals working in marketing are often instrumental in raising awareness of a company’s products, highlighting their value to the consumer and ensuring that brands are represented in various media channels. As an exciting and challenging career, marketing involves many difference business practices.

Some aspiring professionals enroll in generalized bachelors degree programs in business before taking their online masters degree in marketing. This academic route provides individuals with an overview of different business areas before teaching them the specific skills they need to succeed in a fast-paced, constantly changing industry.

Many marketing professionals use their analytical skills to assess the changing ways in which consumers interact with businesses. Social media, mobile internet and the increasingly interactive nature of media channels have all had profound implications on how marketers do their jobs, and online colleges are ideally positioned to provide relevant, timely instruction on these important topics through their online bachelors degree programs.

Individuals enrolling in online bachelors degree programs with a view to becoming marketing professionals should be methodical, yet possess creative problem-solving skills and a positive, ambitious attitude. Marketing is a diverse and rapidly evolving industry, and requires solid communication skills in addition to analytical abilities.

Marketing departments are often seen as indispensable by many organizations, making a career in this exciting field an area of significant opportunity for talented, hard-working individuals. Students enrolled in business degree programs at online colleges may find themselves studying subjects such as the psychology of consumers, buying habits and patterns, the influence of advertising messages on spending decisions, and brand awareness, association and identification, making marketing an interesting, challenging field.

Students enrolled in online bachelors degree programs in business can also study buying behavior between organizations, or business-to-business (B2B) marketing. This field can be especially important to companies that do not offer products or services to the general public. Individuals with a keen understanding of this aspect of the business world could prove to be a valuable asset to these organizations.

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