What does an online bachelors degree in industrial design involve?

posted on Wednesday, Jun 27 2012

Many students pursue exciting, demanding careers in design by earning their qualifications at online colleges. Design is a varied and dynamic field that combines artistic talent with the latest technology. Individuals who want to embark on a new career path in this exciting concentration can enroll in online bachelors degree programs in industrial design, but what do these qualifications involve?

Industrial designers work in a variety of industries, including automotive manufacturing, furniture and interior design, theme park construction and even visual effects. Students who graduate from online bachelors degree programs in industrial design can apply their skills to a number of positions, depending on their career goals.

Online colleges offering degrees in industrial design are likely to cover the basic principles of design in general before progressing to more specific classes. Conceptualization and iteration of ideas may be covered, as designers often work through several phases of a concept or idea before settling on a final design.

For industrial design majors, the science of ergonomics is an important class, as many of the products they help to develop will be used by people. This is especially true in furniture and automotive design, where comfort and usability are crucial to the success of a product. Students enrolled in online bachelors degree programs in industrial design may also be taught about how various mechanical system function, and how prototypes of new products are developed.

Regardless of which area an industrial design student wishes to specialize in, many online colleges will teach individuals to use the latest in computer graphics software to create and visualize their designs. Programs such as SolidWorks are considered the industry standard, and students enrolled in industrial design programs at online colleges will learn to use these applications to create three-dimensional representations of their ideas.

Safety is another area of great importance to industrial designers, especially those working within the entertainment and automotive industries. Some online colleges may offer foundational engineering courses to provide students with an overview of basic concepts relating to motor vehicle and theme park ride safety, and how these considerations must factor into their designs.

Industrial design blends together aspects of art, science and technology. For ambitious, driven students, an online bachelors degree in this exciting field could be the first step toward becoming an industrial designer.

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