Music school to improve education experience for distance learning students

posted on Monday, Apr 25 2011

As technology continues to evolve, so too do education opportunities. This is especially true of online learning, due to the myriad of web-based resources available to distance learners.

For instance, Berklee College of Music's online continuing education program, Berkleemusic, recently announced that it has partnered with the web-based audio platform known as SoundCloud. This collaboration will allow the school's more than 75,000 students to upload their music for sharing and feedback.

SoundCloud is a waveform player that provides musicians an opportunity to share their original compositions over the internet. Through this partnership, students will have the ability to monitor the number of times their songs have been played, downloaded or commented on.

According to Dave Kusek, CEO of Berkleemusic, the partnership with SoundCloud is in line with the institution's efforts to integrate new technologies into the online school.

"Many of our online courses cover the best practices associated with using best-in-breed music and marketing software, and it's a natural fit to integrate SoundCloud's forward-leaning audio technology into our growing online community," Kusek added.

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