Is an online bachelors degree program in the arts right for you?

posted on Tuesday, Jan 31 2012

Although internet-based distance learning has never been more popular, some online bachelors degree programs are more commonly discussed than others. While certain majors, such as business administration and psychology, lend themselves well to online learning platforms, many individuals are not aware of the multitude of online degrees in art and design that are available. Are these online bachelors degree programs right for you, and how do they work?

Depending on the kind of industry you want to enter, an online arts degree could be an ideal fit. In today’s challenging job market, earning a degree online is becoming an increasingly popular option for many working adults and non-traditional students. However, a degree in art and design can open doors for you that could lead to an exciting, creative and professionally gratifying career.

Individuals who want to enter fields such as architecture, graphic design and video game development may find that an online bachelors degree program could be a great way to study. Many artistic disciplines make extensive use of sophisticated computer software, including Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk CAD and 3D Studio Max. These programs can be run from a home computer, enabling students to learn these industry standard creation tools from the comfort of their own home.

The advent of widespread, high-speed internet access has transformed online education. Many internet-based distance learning programs make use of technology such as streaming video lectures and interactive community forums. These learning tools enable students to watch instructors either live or in prerecorded sessions, allowing students to grasp the fundamentals of using art and design software.

Many online bachelors degree programs enable students to ask questions in a live environment through instant messaging platforms, meaning that individuals enrolled in these courses can follow along with their lecturers and ask questions if they need extra help.

Design-related fields such as architecture need skilled workers. Online education allows individuals with creative and technical aptitude to learn these intuitive software packages via online learning programs, and prepare them for the kind of work they will be required to complete in their new careers. Other online bachelors degree programs such as graphic design provide students with a background in basic design concepts such as color theory and composition, allowing individuals to tailor their education to match their career goals.

Whatever field you want to enter, online education can help you realize your goals. Although perhaps not as well-known as other fields, art and design can be an ideal fit for students who want to advance their careers through online learning.

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