What do online bachelors degrees in video game development involve?

posted on Friday, May 11 2012

The interactive entertainment industry eclipses that of even Hollywood in terms of financial value. Some economists speculate that the video game sector is worth more than $100 billion annually. With consumer technology advancing at a pace never before seen, increasing numbers of students are enrolling in video game development courses at online colleges.

These online bachelors degree programs have become popular in recent years, due to the explosion in interest in video games as a creative profession. Like Hollywood movies, creating compelling, technologically advanced interactive experiences involves large teams of creative professionals working together. Students who want to enter this exciting industry as artists can enroll in online bachelors degree programs to learn these skills.

Although the interactive entertainment industry is a rapidly changing environment and attracts some of the best and brightest minds in art, design and technology, students who want to enroll at online colleges should be aware of the kind of hard work that goes into creating the titles that sell millions of copies. Individuals who want to become video game developers should be prepared to work hard, be a team player and ready themselves for some serious competition.

Video game artists are responsible for the creation of the assets seen in-game. This can be everything from backgrounds to characters. Developers will create three-dimensional artwork in computer software programs before exporting these assets to other professionals such as level designers.

Individuals who want to pursue online bachelors degrees in video game art should have a solid understanding of artistic principles such as color theory and composition, and many video game professionals are accomplished traditional artists. Students should not be fooled by the technical nature of video game development - a strong background in the arts is essential.

Much of the work done by video game artists requires a blend of these traditional art skills such as painting, drawing and sculpting, with the technical skills to master complex software programs required to create video game worlds. As the technology behind modern computer hardware changes rapidly, aspiring video game development professionals should be adaptable and possess a keen interest in computer hardware.

Online bachelors degree programs can be an excellent way for aspiring video game artists to learn the craft of designing assets for the interactive entertainment industry. Individuals who want to enter this exciting field should be prepared to work hard, as well as play hard.

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