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posted on Wednesday, Apr 18 2012

The creative industries can be a challenging and exciting field to work in. Individuals enrolling in online bachelors degree programs in art and design may have their sights set on a career as an art director, but what do these professionals do, and how can a degree from an online college help creative individuals attain this position?

Art directors are common in many industries, including advertising, marketing, entertainment and publishing. Despite the title, art direction involves more creative planning and idea generation than actual artistic production, although many of these professionals get their start after several years of working as artists.

It is the responsibility of the art director to ensure that the creative talent working on an advertising campaign, television show, feature film or book series adhere to a unified visual style. The job involves a great deal of creative vision as well as management. While there may be dozens of artists working on a single project, each with their own individual styles and techniques, it is the job of the art director to make sure that each artist is contributing to the director’s overall creative concept.

Enrolling in an online bachelors degree program in art and design is a logical first step for individuals who wish to pursue this exciting career path. Although earning an undergraduate qualification can be beneficial, aspiring creatives should be aware that art direction involves a great deal of responsibility, and these professionals typically have many years of artworking experience.

Specific job duties will vary by industry. For example, within advertising, art directors will usually work with a copywriter to develop the concept of a campaign. The art director is ultimately responsible for the visual aspects of a commercial, whereas the copywriter will write the textual elements. In the feature film and interactive entertainment industries, art directors will work directly with art teams to ensure that the overall visual needs of the TV show, movie or video game are consistent with concept art provided by the client.

Graduates of online colleges of art and design should be aware that in addition to solid artistic knowledge, effective communication and management skills are vital for art directors. These professionals need to be able to convey artistic concepts, ideas and changes to their art teams clearly and quickly, as deadlines are often tight.

Enrolling in an online bachelors degree in art and design could be the first step for creative individuals toward beginning a new career in art direction.

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