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Career information in the technology industry

Information for careers in technology

The new millennium ushered in a boom of technological innovations that reshaped business, communication and our lifestyles. Technology development will not slow down in the foreseeable future, which creates ample opportunities for tech-savvy and business-minded professionals to advance in technology careers. Careers in technology include computer programmers, computer scientists, database administrators and Web developers. Browse through these careers in technology to discover one that works for you.

Popular Technology Careers

Computer Programmers: Computer programmers write, test and maintain detailed instructions (programs) that computers follow to perform functions. Ideal candidates possess creativity, patience and an aptitude for technology.

    • Growth rate: 12%
    • Median annual salary: $71,380

Computer Scientist: Computer scientists work as theorists, researchers and inventors. They apply high levels of theoretical expertise and innovation to solve complex problems and create new technology. Ideal candidates possess good communication skills and pay close attention to details.

    • Growth rate: 19%
    • Median annual salary: $100,660

Database Administrator: Database administrators work with database management systems and determine the best ways to organize and store data. They identify user needs and set up new computer databases. Ideal candidates possess good communication skills and an aptitude for technology.

    • Growth rate: 31%
    • Median annual salary: $73,490

Web Developer: Web developers create and design websites. Ideal candidates think creatively, possess excellent written and oral communication skills and work well in groups.

    • Growth rate: 13%
    • Median annual salary: $81,719
(Data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Salary.com)
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