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Career Counseling Careers

Career Description

Career Counseling can be an exciting and rewarding career. Career counselors guide individuals and offer group vocational guidance services. They provide groups and individual’s career and educational counseling with the help of interviews, counseling sessions, and other methods. These professionals also work with people to help them with job searching skills. In addition to this, they provide support to those who are facing job stress, or other career related issues as well.

Employment Opportunities

Pursuing career counseling careers can be a great idea for the ones who want to find rewarding jobs. As jobs for these professionals are expected to grow by 13%, this field can be a lucrative opportunity for any individual. Career counselors can earn $28,000 to $79,000 on an annual basis.  

Education Requirements

If you want to become a career counselor you must obtain a masters degree in this field. The exact education and training requirements may vary from state to state. Some States also accept bachelor’s degree with counseling courses. In these programs, you will learn about the theory, practice and ethical guidelines related to this profession. You will also find out about career assessment and workforce influence. Important aspects of career counseling like the ability to determine an individual's natural skills are also covered in these programs. Economic and social aspects of career counseling are some other topics you will cover. Besides, you will also come to know how the job market and economic status affect job placement. The significance of incorporating this information into career evaluation is also taught in career counseling programs.

Online Programs

Students who want to get into career counseling careers but cannot manage to attend regular classes can look into online programs. The online mode of learning enables students to study from the comfort of their home. They make use of a number of methods such as online libraries, emails, chat forums etc. to communicate with instructors, attend classes and submit assignments. Course DVDs also help learners with these programs. As online programs are self paced, they can be an ideal learning option for the ones who want to become career counselors without making any major changes to their existing routine.

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