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Archives Careers

Career Description

An archivist is described as a professional who is responsible for managing and safekeeping of archival material. This may be in the form of historical data, documents, research activities, permanent records and government documents. These professionals are found in a number or private and public organizations such as museums, government agencies, nonprofit organizations etc. Integration of technology and businesses has increased the importance of data security, directly affecting the demand for archivists.
Degree Programs

Individuals interested in becoming archivists can opt for a number of degree programs that can prepare them for this career. These can be earned online through accredited online schools as well. It is important to have the relevant education and skills required for archivists jobs. These degree programs are offered at undergraduate and graduate level. A bachelor degree in library science is one of the most recommended degree programs. The programs that are mostly pursued for this profession should be earned in the following specialization areas:

  • Library science
  • Public administration
  • Political science
  • Business administration
  • World history
  • Liberal arts
  • Database management

Course details

Undergraduate programs such as bachelor degree in library science will comprise of subjects that cover this academic principle. These courses are mostly at introductory level courses and aim at equipping students with a thorough understanding of archiving. Students get to study concepts about modern working systems of libraries and media. Apart from just theory based work, there are also a number of training courses imbedded in the curriculum. These are geared towards giving students hands on experience and more skill based knowledge. Some of the skills developed include communication skills, management skills, analysis skills, and writing skills. Here is a list of important subjects students will come across:

  • Literature studies
  • Database functioning
  • Administration procedures
  • Media selection
  • Types of classification and cataloging
  • Information classification methods
  • Computer programs

Archives Careers

An archives career entails certain responsibilities that involve handling and storing data. These professionals usually direct activities related to cataloging and safekeeping of data. With an undergraduate degree, an individual can make an entry level income of $27,000 per year as an archivist. With more experience and qualifications, this level of income can go up to $62,000 per year.


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