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Judge And Magistrate Career

Career Description

Judge and Magistrate Career

The judge and magistrate career involves the implementation and upholding of law and regulations in a society. Judges and magistrates also ensure that all legal procedures are carried out with complete dignity and respect within the courts. Since all types of cases are being heard in a court, from minor offences to major disputes, it is the duty of the judges and magistrates to make sure that all hearings and trials are conducted as smoothly as possible without curtailing any one’s rights in the process.

Academic Requirements

The bare minimum academic requirement for a judge and magistrate career is a bachelor’s degrees and relevant work experience in the field of law. Although most people who end up as judges and magistrates come into this field armed with a law degree and experience of working as lawyers, some states do allow non-lawyer magistrates to take on limited-jurisdiction powers.

Judges and magistrates need to undergo exhaustive training before taking on a professional assignment. The American Bar Association and the Federal Judicial Center hold special orientation sessions for these professionals to train them to the best. These courses may take up to three weeks to complete.
Judges’ and magistrates’ careers typically begin with political support, and the tenure of a federal judge usually lasts a life time. Screening process for these careers is carried out by the judicial nominating commissions.

Professional Outlook

Judges and magistrates have many jobs available to them in both federal and state governments. There is a lot of prestige attached to judge and magistrate careers which is why there is a lot of competition in this field. However, the hiring and selection of these professionals has now slowed down significantly due to the budgetary pressures on the US government. However, the demand for judges and magistrates is growing and the upcoming demographic shift in the population will only take this demand higher. Also, the ever growing immigrant situation, reforms in the guardianship policies and practices, and other social issues like child and nursing home abuse will simply add to the high demand for judge and magistrate careers.

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