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Child, Family, And School Social Workers Career

Career Description

 Child Family and School Social Workers Career

A child, family and school social workers career involves working with families and children to maximize their physical and emotional well-being and to address issues such as adoptions and foster home placements. These professionals may also work to tackle issues such as teenage pregnancies and miscreant behavior in school. Individuals who choose this career generally have a strong desire to help others.

Nature of Work

Child, family and school social workers will find themselves working with people dealing with issues like unemployment, broken homes, disabilities, physical violence, substance abuse or even terminal illness. They need to understand and assess the client’s situation and offer whatever assistance is needed to improve it.  Those who work in schools need to create a liaison between the school and families to make sure that each child is getting what he needs to reach his/her full potential. They may also conduct training workshops about topics such as conflict resolution and improving self-esteem. Though some workers work from their office, most of them travel from one client to the other in an effort to provide assistance where and when needed.

Personal Skills and Knowledge Required

A child, family and school social workers career requires you to:


  • Have excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Be socially perceptive,
  • Have excellent comprehension skills,
  • Be a critical thinker,
  • Be able to make swift and rational decisions,
  • Be persuasive and have good negotiation skill, and
  • Display coordination and time management proficiency.

In addition to these traits you should also have knowledge of counseling, psychology, sociology, law and government functioning, education and training, philosophy and management.

Education and Licensure Required

Usually a minimum of a bachelor’s in social work (BSW) is required for a child, family and school social workers career. Other fields such as a bachelor’s in sociology, psychology and other related fields may also qualify you for various entry level jobs in this career. For higher positions, a master’s in social work (MSW) is usually required.

All states have varying requirements for licensing and registration but mostly, child, family and school social workers must have at least 2 years or 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience to become licensed.


The average salary of people with a child, family and school social workers career is $19.56 per hour and $40,680 per annum as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011). The expected growth of this career is 20-28% from 2010-2020.


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