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Architecture Careers

Career Description

Architecture: The Building Blocks Of A Successful Career.
Without Architects some of the most beautiful cities of the world will easily lose their charm, many landmarks will be lost and historical monuments silenced. Architects are the designers of cities and structures and they play an essential part in the development of any sector, town or city. They not only design buildings and structures but also make sure that their designs are functional, safe and at par with modern construction ideas and fulfill the purpose they are being built for.

Academic Requirements:

There has never been a time in this world when Architects were not in demand. People are forever building houses, cities or monuments and therefore the need for skilled professionals who understand the aesthetics of structural design and construction will never cease.  If someone is contemplating architecture careers, they will need to pursue three degrees:  A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture (5 year long) which introduces students to the main concepts of this field. Followed by Masters in Architecture (2-year long) and another Master of Architecture (3 to 4 years long) is specifically for students who want to switch over from other disciplines.

Professional Requirements:

Once a student has earned his degree it is time to test that knowledge. In the US architects are required to have licences in order to work as professionals. This is accomplished by first earning a professional degree from a school accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Followed by an internship at an architectural firm and finally pass the divisions of ARE (Architect Registration Examination). While some states don’t stricltly adhere to these regulations, others demand continuous refresher courses in architecture to maintain licensure.

Architecture Career Path:

A licensed architect is free to either start his own firm or join hands with an already established one. With experience, professionals eventually move into a managerial position from a purely technical one. Advancement in this field means settling into supervisory or managerial positions in ones own or a well established firm. According to the surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of architecture is expected to see unprecedented growth over the next few years. Even though the field is expected to grow highly competitive, yet the need for skilled professionals in this field will prove to be fruitful for all involved in architecture. Command over technologies relevant to this field such as CADD is even now considered an added advantage for those looking for a career in this field.

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